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Financially Free
Financial Freedom General

How to Become Financially Free

10 Ways to Become Financially Independent People can choose to define financial independence in their own way — after all, not everyone wants a private jet and a mansion. However reaching real financial independence — the ability to live comfortably off one’s savings and investments with no debt whatsoever — could be easier than you think. It takes a plan. …

Debt snowball
General Get out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt With the Debt Snowball Plan

What could you do if you didn’t have a single debt payment in the world? That sounds nice, doesn’t it? For some of you, that would free up and extra $300, $500, or maybe even $800 you wouldn’t have to be throwing at minimum payments each month. Ah, that’s the debt-free life and the road to Financial Freedom. So how …

Emergency Fund
Emergency Fund General

Saving for an Emergency

Learn how much you should save in case of an emergency. Emergencies, by their nature, are unpredictable. When they happen, they can derail your financial stability. A sudden illness or accident, unexpected job loss, or even a surprise home or car repair can devastate your family’s day-to-day cash flow if you aren’t prepared. While emergencies can’t always be avoided, having …